OAuth update around DM access: "Mission: Permission" http://t.co/DqMg7CC via @twitter
@jasoncosta @themattharris I'd really ask you guys to re-consider not allowing xAuth apps to access DMs. This will break tons of clients.
@rsarver cool, I'm glad you're admitting it isn't a level playing field, and you're actively trying to kill us off.
@rsarver remember when you told me how important it was that 3rd party devs felt respected? How do you think we feel now, Ryan?
@rsarver You make me regret ever helping your service and other devs back in 2007. It's an embarassment.
@rsarver - are you guys serious about this xAuth DM thing? won't that be a support nightmare for you guys (and us 3rd party guys too)?
@rsarver "Permissions changes need to be done as quickly as we can" is BS when it's been the status quo for years.
@rsarver my question is what is the rush? Seems like you're creating a lot of developer anxiety on whim, for what benefit?
@orian we feel it's important to have a short window for a change in permissions models. obviously we're not doing it on a whim :)
@rsarver I'm really glad to see Twitter wanting to move quicker w things, but it takes 6m - 1yr for Twitter to fix documentation errors
At #devnestSF, less than a week ago, I specifically asked about more granular permissions around DMs. @rsarver said nothing about it.
@orian not sure that's a comparison. the team isn't sitting around. we have a small team that needs to prioritize. I know you do the same
@chockenberry twitter apps are part of the "service", not 3rd party apps asking for permission to access an account
@rsarver So you're confirming that the playing field isn't level for third party developers?
@chockenberry it is level for all 3rd party developers. Not sure how it maks sense that a user would see an OAuth flow for Tw4iPhone
@rsarver A traditional OAuth flow in your apps makes as much sense as it does in ours. Hurts usability, ask Loren: http://bit.ly/JfCoH
@gruber OAuth is for 3rd parties who need access to the service provider. we are the service provider
@chockenberry I disagree. I'd love feedback on how we to improve the usability while still giving users clarity on what they are granting
@abraham offered by the service provider. users grant us that permission and store their password with us. not the same as a 3rd party
@chockenberry The logic that @rsarver is using to defend the continued attack by Twitter on 3rd party devs is pretty disgusting
@chockenberry @gruber Okay, it's clear from further @rsarver tweets that Twitter is committed to bad startup UI for all 3rd party apps.
@tapbot_paul we're available to help with the transition to web flow if an app wants DM access.
It's particularly frustrating that the official twitter apps will be getting special treatment. Thats some grade A bullshit. cc/ @rsarver
@jasoncosta @tapbot_paul Can you help get us through the Apple review queues in less than two weeks, too? :-)
@rsarver Would be nice if you could provide some mechanism that allows clients to connect without forcing them into a web view.
we've been listening to feedback and are going to extend the transition timeline by two weeks to June 14th. more here: http://t.co/gh5FSGD
Kind of want to write more about the #DMpocalypse. Maybe I should change the name of my blog to "Dumb Shit @TwitterAPI Does".
when @al3x left twitter we wrote that he was crazy; we regret the error.