Ready to rock this #LD48. There's a prom happening downstairs below @alexogle's office. Who needs the official theme?
A beautiful weekend here in the Pacific Northwest, so of course I'm home making a game in 3 days for #LD48 with @shauninman and @alexogle!
Feeling good about the theme and our interpretation of it It's amazing that 3 strangers can agree on something :) #LD48
Totally ordered a pizza and ate it at the computer. Retro through and through, hello college days! (Now Playing: Pavement) #LD48
With a change in 2 pixels, a drawing of an inanimate object can go from looking angry to looking like it's about to cry. #LD48
Working early Saturday morning on Ludum Dare #LD48. @shauninman @mrgan
It's not even 1 AM and I'm already fading (BabyTimes™). Luckily, I've drawn 3 characters and some level debris. #LD48
Not even 12 hours into #LD48 and I'm already making up new salutations. Mea culpa insomnia, Shaun
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Then, about two million more. #LD48
16 hours in, my MacBook decides to start spontaneously rebooting every few minutes. Might have to continue at the Panic office #LD48
I am not very good with color in art. I am even less good with it on a tight schedule. #LD48
18 hours in to #LD48 and it's starting to feel awfully bright with my eyes open.
Hey you know what's a huge pain to draw at 16 px? Five-sided stars uggghhh #LD48
Can't have enough game testing. #LD48 @shauninman @mrgan
"…And it has speedlines and a POOF! animation, like this… You know, it looks like ovaries. You know exactly what I mean, Shaun!!" #LD48
Honestly, I'm jamming on #LD48 in an office over a _serious_ high school prom. Second prom in as many nights. Just broke 24 straight hours.
(Unbroken #LD48, not the prom.)
24 hours into #LD48, I'm on my 3rd extended break. @shauninman, meanwhile, hasn't moved from his keyboard and Super Famicom controller once.
You can tell it's #LD48 because 3/4 quarters of my tabs are Flixel forums or Flixel docs.
Rejected idea for the theme "tiny world": you are the planet Earth… in daycare (Mars is the bully, Jupiter is the chubby kid, etc.) #LD48
wrote some music before snagging ~5 hours of sleep on what's essentially a bank of waiting room seats. Tea and onward. #LD48
Good morning Ludum Dare 23 #LD48. Refreshed and ready for more.
Was looking forward to cold pizza for breakfast, but it's gone from the fridge. Fine, I'll have healthy cereal. #LD48
♫ Now playing: Shaun Inman, 'Collision Detection Debugging (extended mix)' [EXPLICIT] via Skype #LD48
When you just assume something works because documentation.
No seriously, it's 80° and sunny in Portland, I'm inside drawing grayscale pixels olololo (Next week's forecast: 60°, rain) #LD48
Just wrote a second, better tune for #LD48 while @alexogle squashes my horrible, horrible ActionScript bugs.
I'm taking another break from #LD48 (sorry, dudes) for an improv show at the Brody Theater at 7 PM. Come see it or stay out where it's sunny
#LD48 @shauninman and @mrgan iPad video chatting while working on the game.
Once again, I am drawing a star field. Welcome, old friend. #LD48
#LD48 Combined Inman+Ogle forces at the Tubatomic offices has ended for tonight. Now on to Skype and Dropbox for the remainder of the 72.
@alexogle We survived two proms below but once the ladies actually got into the office the battle was lost :) #LD48
Just realized I've been steeping a now lukewarm cup of water. D'oh. #LD72 née #LD48
@mtthgn Yeah, Flash Builder 4.6 trial. It's a fustercluck but once you get your bearings it's good enough for a 72 hour #LD48 jam.
I am doing far worse at playtesting the game than I was earlier in the day - time to hit the sheets. #LD48
Fixing bugs. Ludum Daring. Less than 14 hours to go...
@rustym @mrgan @alexogle I've barely touched art this game so I'm leaving it to the others to share. It's not worth sharing my AS3 bugs :)
11 hours of sleep over an 84 (not a typo) hour period, that's normal right? #LD48
Hmm, can't get Flash to loop audio seamlessly. Tried FlxG.playMusic() with embedded mp3 and an mp3 embedded in an swc. #LD48
Oops, the pop in the loop was in the actual file and not an artifact of looping. An artifact of exhaustion. #LD48
Thanks for suggestions, first note started before loop began so it was popping at end (bleed?). Sorted in source music, not an AS3 problem.
Always pleasantly surprised by how much more real a game feels with sound effects and music. #LD48.
#LD48 jam code comments: // division by a fraction is multiplication, just go with it
So few hours left! #LD48
Less than 2 hours left in #LD48, so I drew a whole new character. What else am I gonna do, fix bugs? :P
I'm so used to theatrical secrecy, I forgot to post any screenshots of our li'l project. Here's a happy moon: #LD48
Aaand we're done making our 72-hour game, it seems! Uploading now, will post a link to it soon #LD48
#LD48 and we finished right at the 72 hour mark. I'm so proud of our game, Millinaut.
Buggy but beatable. #LD48
Longest #LD48 reveal ever. @mrgan is stuck on a bus somewhere. We told him the weight of even a tiny world might slow it down.
We've recovered our teammate from the clutches of public transportation. a game @alexogle, @mrgan, and I made in 72 hours. Neven's post: & #LD48 page:
This weekend I made a game in 72 hours with @shauninman and @alexogle. Play Millinaut:
(If you participated in #LD48, vote for Millinaut here:
Known bugs in Millinaut: the li'l planet sometimes doesn't cause damage on landing; things can get stuck in walls. Sorry, try again :) wouldn't be half the game it is without Flixel and @ADAMATOMIC's giant shoulders.
I know I can just watch the ending file that's sitting on my hard drive but I just want to beat it one more time before bed...
Some alternate titles we never *really* considered for Millinaut: Not The Last Rocket. A Sequence of Unrelated Incidents. Gary. #LD48
I slept as much just last night as I did during the entire 72 hours we (@alexoggle, @mrgan, and I) made #LD48
Trying to write a Millinaut postmortem and I'm unsurprisingly fuzzy on early details. Should have tweeted more.


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