Tweet Marker privacy policy

This privacy policy covers use of the Tweet Marker API available through third-party Twitter clients. It is maintained by Riverfold Software, LLC. If you have any questions, please email

Authentication: Twitter clients use OAuth Echo to allow Tweet Marker to verify a user. Tweet Marker holds on to this information only as long as it takes to initially authorize a user, then it is deleted. For subsequent requests, Tweet Marker verifies the user with a unique session ID. When the session expires, the OAuth headers are used again to re-confirm the user is who the client says they are.

Storage: Data is stored on Tweet Marker servers and made available to Twitter clients accessing the Tweet Marker API. This data includes Twitter usernames, date/time of API usage, and Twitter IDs for tweets, lists, and saved searches.

Data access: Tweet Marker shares some user information with third-party Twitter developers who subscribe to the developer plan. This includes the most recent saved tweet IDs needed for timeline position sync, as well as the name of Twitter client apps that have been used. This allows Twitter developers to troubleshoot whether sync is working properly for a specific user.

Last updated: 7/15/2013